We believe everyone was made on purpose and for a purpose. we’re passionate about helping people connect with their God DESIGNED identity to fully live the life they were made for… 

We are entrepreneurs, we are authors, we are musicians, and we are artists, most of all we are Jesus follows passionate about helping God’s people excel in every area of life, and in every sphere of society.

We believe that most people believe they are missing the LIFE God designed them for… We are passionate about helping the world unlock and equip them to fully live the life God has created them to experience.

Books / Music / Merch

current projects…

TRUST // Prophetic Music

Prudence’s newest prophetic album is launched on October 10th 2023! You can purchase the physical album here. OR listen on your favorite service here.

Workshop // Replay Avail.

The GOD Designed Marriage workshop is a powerful 2 day experience unlike ANYTHING you have ever participated in. You can learn more and register here.

Together We Build // EM TV

New episodes of Together We Build air Thursdays at 7 PM PT You can watch new episodes or find the archive all past episodes here.

Our Websites /// You can find everything from our latest books to ecourses to jewelry...








What do we believe?

Well, let’s get straight to it…

We are passionate Jesus followers.

We are authors, entrepreneurs, musicians, and artists.

We help people learn who God made them to be, fully realize and step into the assignment that they were made for.

We are excited to meet you and become part of your story as well. 

What’s coming up next? Where can you hear Chris + Prudence?



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