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Get ready for SEASON 3 of “Together We Build,” a television series that provides a fresh and enlightening perspective on living a Christian life, hosted by the vibrant Chris Behnke and Prudence O’Haire. Their exceptional blend of entrepreneurship, authorship, speaking, content creation, and above all, their dedicated ministry, provides an all-encompassing lens through which they examine a multitude of Christian-relevant topics.

Spanning themes from the practicalities of parenting to the enigmas of the supernatural, this dynamic couple digs deep into the issues that matter. Whether you’re curious about how to live a supernatural lifestyle, what the Bible says about anointing and mantels, or simply how to thrive in difficult seasons, Chris and Prudence have you covered.

With a solid foundation of over 26 years of marriage and raising four children, their life experiences offer viewers a plethora of real-world insights. As authors, their knack for storytelling keeps audiences captivated. As speakers and content creators, they masterfully translate complex biblical themes into relatable narratives. And their shared entrepreneurial spirit fuels the show with a dynamic, can-do energy that’s irresistibly contagious.

Broadcast from the heart of their full-time ministry at Eagle Mountain Apostolic Resource Center, each episode of “Together We Build” presents an engaging exploration of faith. Chris and Prudence’s down-to-earth approach demystifies subjects like deliverance ministry and transforms them into digestible, actionable content.

“Together We Build” is a celebration of life’s complexities seen through a Christian lens. It’s about seeking and finding biblical wisdom in everyday situations and embracing challenges with unwavering faith. At its core, the show reflects Chris and Prudence’s commitment to sharing their experiences, their faith, and their wisdom with a growing community of viewers.

Join Chris and Prudence on this riveting journey as they navigate the enthralling intersections of life, faith, and entrepreneurship. “Together We Build” is a roadmap to a Christ-centered life, an authentic and inspiring guide for Christians worldwide.

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